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The Journal of Knowledge Structures & Systems (JKSS) acknowledges the essential contribution of editors by publicly giving them due credit for their role and by increasing the visibility of their own work:

  • The names of the editors will feature strategically* on the papers to whose publication they contributed.

  • Editors’ names on the Home page of JKSS link directly to a choice page or website of their own.

Given the broad spectrum of areas and topics covered by JKSS, a large team of editors is crucial. The objective is to have a heterogeneous mix of people in business / the industry and/or in the academe. Ideally, you should hold a Ph.D. degree and have some published work, but JKSS will consider alternative evidence of expertise in the field of knowledge.


Editors will handle submissions that fit their backgrounds and/or will act as scientific advisors. If you would like to be an editor for JKSS, please send a message to the Editor-in-chief ( at providing a link to your work/CV and specifying the areas and topics you feel you are competent to advise and/or handle papers in.



*Alongside those of the peer reviewers, who only exceptionally may choose to remain anonymous.



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