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When preparing a submission to the Journal of Knowledge Structures & Systems (JKSS), authors should respect the following guidelines:


Submitted papers must not have been published before and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

JKSS is an open access journal. Thus, its published papers are freely accessible online on this website, and authors are free to post them online. Nevertheless, JKSS holds the copyright of the published papers, and permission by JKSS is required for reproduction (e.g., reprint in an anthology) or translation.

JKSS is a journal published in English. Hence, it only accepts articles in English; quotations in foreign languages must be translated into English, and words or expressions in an alphabet other that the Roman one must be transliterated.

Papers are submitted in a PDF file with pages numbered sequentially, beginning in 1 for the title page. If using Microsoft Word, double-space your text in Times New Roman size 12; use default values for standard article in LaTeX. (The final format for all published papers is a LaTeX-based PDF.)

The first page (also called “Title page”) of this file must contain the following information:

  • Type of article: original research, review, opinion article, interview article, (technology) case study, short review, short communication, commentary, reply to critics, book or software review.

  • Title

  • Author(s) with respective academic affiliations, employing company, funding entities, or some other status (e.g., independent scientist).

  • Abstract (up to 250 words)

  • Key words (between 3 and 6)

  • Name and email address of corresponding author

The contents of the article should be displayed in numbered sections (starting in 1) and subsections (e.g. 1.2, 1.3, …). Subsubsections should be altogether avoided.

Citations in the text of an article must be by author(s)'s last name(s) and year for 1 to 2 authors; works with more than 2 authors are cited as “first author et al. (date)”. For the References section, please use the APA style and  do not abbreviate journal titles. References to online resources such as organization websites are given as “[X]”, where X is the number of occurrence in the text. These are listed in a section called Online Resources, located immediately after the References section. Responsibility for all references and quotations in terms of accuracy rests entirely with the authors.

Figures, tables, graphs, etc., with respective captions, must be placed as near as possible to their first mention in the text. Color in illustrations poses no problem and is strongly recommended. For publication, authors must provide these separately in PNG files.

Abbreviations should be used only for concepts or expressions that are used frequently in the article and they must be defined at first mention.

Interview articles are necessarily of the form Question - Answer, the latter having been completed by the interviewee in writing. These are scholarly articles and this should be reflected both in the contents and in the main title; the subtitle must be "Interview with ...".

Authors of articles with mathematical or other symbolic notation must be ready to provide the respective LaTeX simple file if their paper is accepted for publication. Exceptionally, if symbols are used only sparingly, authors may provide a Word file and separately the code for every equation, etc. In any case, a LaTeX simple file of the main text is always preferable.

All permissions are the sole responsibility of the authors, who should be aware of any copyrighted material of their article that requires permission for use, as well as trademarked products (e.g., software), and must accordingly secure the permission before submission of their article. Written permission by interviewees is required for Interview articles.

Acknowledgements (for commentators, funding sources, etc.) should be made and placed at the end of the main text, before the References section.

All knowledge technology case studies and knowledge software/technology reviews, as well as all opinion articles whose subject is a company/organization or knowledge product/service produced by a company/organization, are required to include either a short “Conflicts of Interest” section in which the authors must state their role within (e.g., CEO), or association with (e.g., financial funding), the (manufacturing) company/organization, or a short “Declaration of Interest” section in which it is stated that no affiliation or personal/financial interest were believed to have influenced the completion of their review/opinion article. Authors of other types of articles are advised to do the same, especially whenever there might be conflicts of interest, but this is left at their discretion.

Once you have your paper ready for submission, send the PDF file to the Editor-in-chief:

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