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At a time when knowledge is becoming ubiquitous in business and industrial settings, and an ever growing number of people are creating and manipulating knowledge structures and systems on a daily basis, two century-old aphorisms are now more relevant than ever: “Knowledge is power”* and “Knowledge is virtue.”**

As a platform conceived to bring together the various knowledge communities, the Journal of Knowledge Structures & Systems (JKSS) aims also to provide a forum of discussion for the practices associated to the business and industrial, as well as societal, applications of knowledge science / studies.


  • Should there be a specific ethics of knowledge?

  • What standards for the diverse applications should be set in business and the industry?

  • What of legal aspects?


These, and other pertinent questions, will find a forum of discussion in the JKSS Knowledge Practices Series. This will consist of a (bi-)annual special issue in which papers addressing the above questions will be published.

Papers in this issue are submitted and peer-reviewed as normally, and, if accepted for publication, are then directed by the Editor-in-chief to the JKSS Knowledge Practices Series.


*English translation of the Latin Scientia potentia est, first occurring in this exact form in Hobbes’ Leviathan (1668), likely inspired by Locke’s earlier formulation Ipsa scientia potestas est (in English: Knowledge itself is power).

**This aphorism is actually millennia-old, being attributed to Socrates by his disciple Plato in the dialogue Protagoras (also in Meno and Euthydemus).

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